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Stories from the suburbs

First Hesburger opening soon! This guy doesn't care though.

Selling ternimaito like a G.

On the back, activity center housing a library, health care center and a police station. Designed by architect couple Raili and Reima Pietilä.

Blues brothers Hervanta.


Tampere University of Technology

Mikontalo, 12 storey concrete building for 768 residents. Many students live here, just a few blocks away from the University of Technology.

Underground ice-hockey arena.

Movie-theater. Poster advertising a movie about heavy-metal rocking dinosaurs.

These men said they were immigrants. They had many loud opinions about the government's immigrant policy.

Daily routine inside the shopping centre, DUO.

Hervanta has it's own ski-resort, still in use. This is the ski-service and cafeteria building.

The resort has two lifts.

And a ski-jump. Still in use.

Watertower with a pizzeria on top called Häränsilmä (Bull's Eye).

Owner, Mohamed Ouachkad.

View from the terrace.