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The land of saunas

Mobile sauna owners from all over the country brought their masterpieces to the event. Sauna Kapten here had two saunas on his fleet. This one is called Leidi.

A friendly clown was there to give people the giggles.

A military style sauna tent and a welcome committee.

Proud owner of a rather unique heating system.

These BugRun veterans offered a sauna experience in a pretty posh Volkswagen.

The other owner of the barrel sauna, build by two brothers.

This one must be from Kauhava.

It was most certainly an enjoyable day for everyone involved.

Some of the saunas really reflected the laid back attitude of the Finnish sauna culture. Reinikainen showing some attitude.

"Löylyä, löylyä!" Sauna hat was the weapon of choice for many heat lovers.

"Rytö-Läjä" had some decorations on its yard.

This cutie fits two people and goes by the name of Bunny.

A sauna equipped with a TV screen. What-a-place to watch the game with the boys.

Motor Show.

Sauna Grand Prix was a stress free zone.