or Discount Tuesdays.

Japanese students were pouring from the ski rental as I was lining up for the ticket booth.

"You can't take pictures of innocent people!" He said when I took this photo and handed him the 7 euros for my two-hour ticket.

There were young freeskiers talking about the Monster in the hundred meter long lift line.

"There you go." said the man in the red beanie when he handed me the twisted anchor.

Casualties of the ski lift. He looked disappointed.

She had fallen, but determined to get to the top, did not give up.

I've heard many stories from this control booth at the top...

These two knuckleheads were hanging out in the landing of the only kicker in Hervanta.

"Last lift of the day!" shouted the man running the lift. "Time flies when it's fun!" I answered when I took the last anchor to the top.