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View...I was about thirteen or fourteen and I was mowing lawns as my summerjob. I was listening a Defiant Hiphop Collection CD and there was a song from Nieve & Cook called Priceless Few. In the song there was a line 'My eyelids are like window wipers and my eyes are nothing but two windows with the nicest view.' That was probably the greatest line i had ever heard My musical awakening happened maybe in 2010 as I was listening not rap and hiphop but more experimental stuff like XXYYXX and Bearface Our sound was pretty futuristic from the start. Pretty dark then, pretty dark now. It has been fun to try out new things as we don't really have any limits to what we could and what we couldn't do.

Joonas Laaksoharju (producer) and Juuso Ruohonen

Maybe our sound has evolved because of all the gigs we had. We could see what works and what doesn't. Nowadays I think about our sound as just music. I have never thought about our thing as just rap or hiphop. Our goal was to make every song different I think it's very important to keep doing your own thing whatever it is you do. Take influences but still sound like you. It's rad that people are already talking about our sound as the VIEW sound.