Through the forgotten region


Pekka Järvinen

balkan1 Sarajevo gained the honor of hosting the winter olympics in 1984. Today, that olympics is a wonderful memory and a free art gallery.

balkan2 Traveling in Sarajevo’s suburbs may feel like time travelling. balkan3 Legendary Mostar bridge full of umbrellas. balkan4 These gentlemen follow their daily routine in the park.

We look good and listen to the afternoon news on the speaker

balkan5 balkan6 If you appreciate true craftmanship and want to support local business, there is a tiny barbershop located in middle in the Prizren, Kosovo. It is run by 72- year old Tahir Prezja.

Once, one of my customers passed out during the haircut. It was a very hot day, so I just filled a bucket full of cold water and threw it straight to his face. He woke up, and we finished the haircut. -Tahir Prezja

balkan7 Serbia’s local team Partizan Played a home game in Belgrade against Panathinaikos team from Greece. The atmosphere was as hectic as it should be in any good sporting event.

balkan8 balkan9 Children playing while the others are looking for firewood. It is an ordinary day in Lunik IX, the biggest Roma ghetto in Europe.

balkan10 balkan11