EL Rio Grind X Barcelona

Field trip to the Mediterranean


Teemu Heljo

V: ##### I'm going to cry my flight was already on the 11th?!

M: Really?

L: What?

M: Whatwhat?


L: ##### no!?

V: This is ##### real!

N: How’s that even possible?

V: I can’t ##### do this…

V: I can’t even think how to ##### manage this.

J: How the fuck?


Twelve late puberty teenage skaterboys arrived in sunny Barcelona. They had successfully escaped the stormy and cold Finnish spring and after 4 hours in the plane they could now change their wet socks to shorts and sangria.

ERGBarca2 Ville Nyström, melon

Ville is the youngster of the crew. Wisdom comes with age they say but looks like it doesn’t work with all of us. He’s already both clever and super stylish.

ERGBarca3 Young actresses of Los Serranos captured by Jaakko.

ERGBarca4 Samuli Kinnunen, bs tailslide

"Kinkku" is killing it with his style. When he hits a run the whole plaza stops and enjoys the show.


ERGBarca6 Lauri Ojanen 5-0 indy

We followed the footprints of the legendary Arto Saari to this spot. Lauri had a vision for this trick and he just did it. Huge 5-0 indy with a perfect landing. Perfect ending for a perfect day. ERGBarca7 ERGBarca8 ERGBarca9 Jaakko Ojanen, fs crooked

Jaakko has the fastest legs ever and he can handle the spots you can only dream of. Ollie to an extremely short bench, fs crooked and landing to the stairs. Who does that? Jaakko does.

ERGBarca10 ERGBarca11 Viktor Palomäki, feeble

Viktor did his exchange studies in Barcelona while we were there. After long hours at the university he changed the school uniform to jeans and killed all the Spanish handrails.

ERGBarca12 Some of us were there for the skateboarding and some for other activities. The person in the picture may not be related to the case.

ERGBarca13 Jaakko Ojanen, 5-0

There’s a photographer who lives in a snowboarding world and thinks spots like these are fun to ride for skateboarders...

ERGBarca14 ERGBarca15 Viktor Palomäki

Viktor playing with the local kids.

ERGBarca16 I’m glad that some of us also missed their flights home...