Camper Logbook

Caravan to Norway


Teemu Heljo


Jussi Korkeela

There were four of them in this dark and damp camper van. Their mutual dream to travel anywhere, any time, had brought them together on this trip towards the mountains and the untouched nature. Their four-wheeled symbol of freedom was racing forwards and you could see the snowbanks growing.

The spirit was high and everything was just how they had imagined...

Excerpt from the Camper Logbook by Teemu Heljo.


Our camper van flew towards the mountains. Last year we had some problems because the camper didn’t climb up to the hills. This brand new bad boy was like a dream.


Captain Hans gave some love for the steering wheel with his sweet hands. We followed this epic road to the wilderness.


This happy fella is Jussi. He is a Filmer/Pilot/Engineer/Boyfriend/Surfer/Beer entrepreneur just to mention a few.


Joel and Hans hiking up. Lazy filmers waiting on the bottom.


Joel riding this beautiful face.


This was a super cold morning. Minus twenty celsius degrees plus hard wind was killing us. All the snow was gone.


Joel cruising and trying to find some new spots


At some point the weather wasn’t on our side. It was raining for two days straight. Living on a camper van with three other guys can be brutal for your mental health. No space for your own thoughts.


Want to lose some weight? Rent a camper van for two weeks, eat bread only and hike up to the mountain every day.


Joel Lahti and a cliff drop


Weather changes rapidly in Norway. When you wake up in the morning weather can be perfect. After you have brushed your teeth it’s a blizzard.


Our headchef Joel made sure we also ate something else than bread from time to time. We couldn’t keep the heat on during the day because it would have killed our gas bottles. Four hungry guys and a freezing cold camper. Joel made sure we got food as fast as possible.


Hans landed on a tree-stump and couldn’t ride properly for days. He still tried to keep us company up in the mountains.


Hans hitting the bushes on a cloudy day.


There was no running water in our camper van. At some point we just had to do this. The motor jungle was getting a bit too heavy with our man juices.


“Jussi what took you so long??” “I washed my balls in the toilet” “Aaaa… OK”


Two heavy weeks behind and it was time to head back home with full memory cards and tons of shitty clothes.