Guide to Finnish Midsummer


teemu heljo

Guide for foreigners attending the Midsummer celebrations in Finland.

juhannus1 Wake up in the morning and wonder who the fuck is still playing music outside. No one is. Remember to respect your neighbours and make sure they hear the same tunes you do 24/7.

juhannus2 When you drink three days in a row you have to breathe for a second time to time. This is Joni taking his moment. juhannus3 White Trash is not a joke. The more dirty, drunk and irritating the better. juhannus4 Finnish men do not walk. juhannus5 Jaloviina is the #1 liqour of Finnish summer. Men and women both enjoy the fresh taste of Jaloviina. It’s the fountain of Youth.

juhannus6 Around ten men drown every year in Finnish midsummer parties for no good reason. Liqour, sauna, boat and immortality is their destiny. juhannus7 Hangover is not an excuse for anything. It just shows how weak you are in life. juhannus8 During the midsummer weekend the average Finn spends more than ten hours in the sauna. 100+ celsius heat for several hours every night washes the dust away and wakes you up for the night.

juhannus9 Nudity is a big part of the Finnish midsummer party. Just remember that your genitals are not used to see the sun and can burn easily. juhannus10 Finns collect random stuff during the winter for their midsummer bonfire. Huge bonfire keeps all the bad spirits away. juhannus11 The sun does not set here in the northern atmosphere at midsummer. juhannus12

Too big a fire is a classic move during the night. Burn baby burn.juhannus13