in Riksgränsen with Toni Kerkelä


Teemu Heljo

Our new series "Nowhere" follows Toni Kerkelä on his quest to find his true self. Kerkelä is known for his urban snowboarding and the backcountry is a totally new territory for him.

In this first episode he travels to Riksgränsen to get away from it all.


I have been trying to get people to come with us on this trip we have been planning


But nobody is coming…

nowhere3 nowhere4

Should we still go there? The weather is looking good.


Riksgränsen is the place with all those snowmobile hillbillies, but I don’t care…

nowhere6 nowhere7

I think we should just drive around and try to find the spots near the roads and just hike up.

nowhere8 nowhere9 nowhere10

I think it should work…