salt lake city

the mecca of snowboarding


DUMBØPablo films

Pablo films gave us a privilege to shoot the Salt Lake City section of their new Nitro Snowboards movie called "28 Winters". On a day's notice, we packed our stuff with Elias Markkula and flew to the snowboarding mecca of the United States. Countless professional snowboarders live or have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Global superstars like Jeremy Jones, JP Walker and Pat Moore have provided a path for the next generation. “Youngsters” like Sam Taxwood, Benny Urban, Zak Hale and Chris Grenier are following their footsteps keeping the snowboarding community alive in Salt Lake. All the different generations from different decades get together and make Salt Lake City snowboarding community so special.

The movie 28 Winters tells us a story about brand called Nitro Snowboards. "28 Winters" is all about the basics. What was snowboarding like in the old days and what is it in the future.

saltLakeCity1 Jeremy Jones is one of the most known snowboarders ever lived. He is the pioneer in urban snowboarding. Last winter in Utah backcountry something unfortunate happened. He was caught in an avalanche and swept away into trees. Jeremy broke both of his legs and almost lost his life that day. With the support of the snowboarding community and his family the recovery went well and slowly but surely he can start doing sports again and even go snowboarding.

saltLakeCity2 Sam Taxwood is a new generation all around snowboarder from Utah. Super stylish boarder who sometimes goes a little too hard...

Always hurt, always smiling, always going full psycho, that’s Sam Taxwood! – Knut Eliassen

Living in a place like Salt Lake has provided Sam a perfect place to progress in his snowboarding career. He has always been snowboarding with the local legends and you can really see it. Sam is a confident rider both in the streets and in the backcountry.

saltLakeCity3 saltLakeCity4 Regular day at the Brighton Resort. Bunch of homies and fresh pow. That’s all you need for a perfect day at the mountains.

saltLakeCity5 Sam Taxwood waiting for his sandwich after a hard day of snowboarding.

saltLakeCity6 Sam in the interview chair saltLakeCity7 Taxwood and his backyard concrete skatepark.

saltLakeCity8 Bob Plumb the photographer. With Bob you won’t ever get bored. Super funny guy with an endless love for his pets and snowboarding. Bob also has his own cold brew coffee brand.

saltLakeCity9 Weather changes rapidly in Salt Lake City. It’s a battle between winter and summer all the time. Two days before this photo it was snowing and we shot an urban rail two blocks away.

saltLakeCity10 Benny Urban in front of the Rail Gardens. He was born in Germany but lives in Utah nowadays. Creative snowboarder who has had a long career compared to his age. Friendly fella with a cool pickup truck. saltLakeCity11 The manager Knut Eliassen shows how they do it back in Norway. Snowboard enthusiast who’s more like a team member than a manager but still does his job well. Also an email guru.

saltLakeCity12 Send-off crew in front of the Veteran bar.